WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Benevolent eLiquid

Model: 3135
Benevolent eLiquid Breeze 50mLThis flavors name indeed does this liquid justice An incredible rush of Strawberry and Kiwi ushered in by a cool summers night breeze by the pool Simply put it is pleasure in each and every draw Precisely balanced to complement each of the individual flavors and fi..
Model: 3136
Benevolent eLiquid Charity 50mLThis flavor just keeps giving as its name implies A bountiful grapey inhale that is superbly finished off with just enough lime to make your taste buds tingle This is a flavor that is irresistibly difficult to put down This is an nbsp irresistibly difficult f..
Model: 3137
Benevolent eLiquid Dignity 50mLThis exquisite yet straightforward blend of Strawberries Raspberries and Blueberries will surely make you stand tall with pride and dignity with a sweet smooth draw and even more exhilarating aftertaste subtle hues of blueberry dramatically accent the raspberry u..
Model: 3138
Benevolent eLiquid Divinity 50mLThis flavors name says it all for it is indeed divine A unique sweet watermelon strawberry e liquid If you like sweet flavors this is by far one of our favorites Its Bold Strawberry taste rushes over your tongue and leaves behind a subtle watermelon finish Prec..
Model: 3139
Benevolent eLiquid Infinity 50mLA perfect blend of flavors making this old time sweet bread a must Just like Granny used to make this exquisite banana nut bread will take your taste buds to the next level From the taste of freshly mashed bananas to that out of the oven baked to perfection hin..
Model: 3140
Benevolent eLiquid Resolution 50mLThis is a flavor that is a Must for the beginner and yet irresistible enough for the veteran vapor We just had to include this superior Tobacco Blend in our list of offerings Many move away from Tobacco flavors as they extend from their early entrance to vaping..
Model: 3469
Benevolent eLiquid Celebrate 50mLThis delectably fantastic vape will surely have you celebrating with a familiar yet extraordinary cake mix You can distinguish the fluffy cake with vanilla icing and a hint of raw cake batter we used to love cleaning up from the bowl it was prepared in A compell..
Model: 3470
Benevolent eLiquid Satisfaction 50mLWe know this flavor and we know it well just not in this format With each draw you will taste the Chocolate the Caramel and the Nougat nbsp Much like a candy bar but without the calories nbsp Exquisite yet subtle undertones of peanut and hazelnut prepar..
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